InfiniMATH is complete puzzle game project that that requires your math and logical thinking skills.
Players choose two numbers and the operand that makes the result in the blue squares. Make sure you solve all the numbers before the timer runs out. Every time you solve all the numbers, the level goes up and so does the difficulty. Prove to your friends that you are the smartest with the full detail statistics on how good you are in this game!


  • Simple gameplay : Tap two numbers and one operand which has a result in the blue grid
  • Smart Level Generator : You can choose the number of grids, minimum and maximum value for the number, duration for the level and what level that it’s going to start
  • Single Scene Architecture : Use only one scene for the main menu, in-game, and lose. Don’t make player wait with loading
  • Juicy Animations : We made it for you some animations for the UI to make sure that your players doesn’t feel bored
  • Using Unity UI
  • Easy to setup and reskin
  • Store all player stats in the game. Ex : Best level, Accuracy, Play count, Avg. Time / level, etc
  • Clean, simple and easy to understand commented C# code
  • Contains all the graphics
  • Multiplatform